These graphics are available with any photos; seniors, portraits, even wedding photos. They are available as an 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20. Graphics can be done in the color of your choice.
You can add names, the year, the date, or any other text you like. Text can be in any color you choose, and a wide variety of fonts are available. Click here for a list of fonts and colors available and how to order them.

Because of the time involved in making these graphics, they are available at an additional charge. You may choose one of these graphics free of charge with any purchase of $300 or more.
In some cases, the Grunge graphics can be done using my existing templates, so less work would be required to make it (though you may not be able to choose the placement of the photos on the page). If this is the case, the charge for the graphics would be reduced (see price list below). This applies ONLY to Grunge graphics.

Rates are as follows:

Multi Photo Collage
4 Photo Collage/5 Photo Collage
Double Image Collage
Touch of Color

$40  (if it is possible to use existing template $25)

Prices include 1-8x10 print. For 11x14 add $8. For 16x20 add $17.
Black & White and Sepia are available at no additional charge with any purchase, you just pay for the print.
Text can also be added free of charge.